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Tuesday, December 06, 2016


The International Organization for South-South Cooperation (IOSSC) is an initiative launched during the sixteenth session of the United Nations High-level Committee on South-South Cooperation, established to advance the implementation of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals through the sharing of best practices in the area of South-South and Triangular Cooperation. IOSSC brings Governments and other stakeholders in an effort to facilitate multilateral initiatives with a view to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. IOSSC works closely with the main stakeholders, namely governments, private sector, civil society, and academia including public-private partnerships, in developing and delivering programmes specifically in the areas of rural development, capacity building, investment, infrastructure, tourism, culture, and the enhancement of transfer of technology. ....


Introduction to IOSSC



Launch of the IOSSC Africa Representative Office

Johannesburg Forum Recap

Building Public Private Partnerships: South Africa


Client Section